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Kurviger Pro button locations not working

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I'm a long time MML user and Kurviger Pro user. For some reason I K Pro will not let me complete setup. I get the first dialogue about the location button when I get to K Pro I press it but then nothing happens. It used to take me back to MML and it would tell me to click on the plus and then take me back and tell me to click on the minus so it could learn all three button locations. Not sure why it won't let me do it any longer but I can't use it as my GPS. Under settings I have it set to not hide the buttons, but the minus and the plus hide anyway. I have the latest version of MML and the latest version of K Pro.

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The same thing happened to me in android 13, you need to give the accessibility permission, go to android settings - accessibility - installed applications. Activate the permission to moto media link.