Electronic kit request

Hello, I sell the electronics kit (model B) for 95€ plus shipping (5,95€ if it’s Spain peninsula). It comes already assembled, you just have to connect it to the motorbike as I explain in this guide:


In case you are interested, the kit comes with two integrated relays, so you can connect up to two buttons of the garage door remote control (or two remotes). From the electronics box there are two cables (each one with two wires) that you will have to solder to the buttons of the garage door remote control that you want to activate, this you will have to do it yourself or find someone who can do it for you. In the picture below, the cables labelled «1» (or red/black) and «2» (or yellow/white) are the ones that should be soldered to the buttons.

If you are interested in purchasing a kit, you can fill the following form to make the request (the fields marked with * are required). It is obligatory that you accept the disclaimer so that I can assemble the kit for you.